Using Illustrator to Make Cool Flat Long Shadow Effects Tutorial

bookcourseMainly usedIllustratorMake a cool flat long shadow effect. No more nonsense. Open AI and let’s learn together. I hope you can learn the main points of the tutorial through this tutorial.

First of all, the old rules will be the final effect picture.


Of course, create a new 500x500px document, and use RGB or CMYK color mode as you like. The screen 72PPI is good. Don’t move anything else. Click OK.


Select the star tool to create an octagonal star with a radius of 1:160px, a radius of 2:80px and a number of corners of 8. (You can use rectangle tool, ellipse tool and polygon tool to create. As long as you like, you are really a naughty child.).


Open the appearance panel and remove the stroke of the star. Then add a new paint. Next, change the white color below to gray with K=40.

再接下来童鞋们注意了,我要变形了。点击 效果 > 扭曲和变换 > 变换,弹出变换效果面板。

Add 0.5px horizontally and vertically under the movement of the transformation effect, and 500 for the copy. Click OK. The effect is shown in the following figure.


You may think that I was fooling you. I drew this kind of yang after the fifth step. But I didn’t lie to you. The title says 5 steps to draw a long shadow effect. It really has a long shadow effect. Well, to get down to business, the above proficiency can be regarded as one step. continue.

Drag the long shadow effect into the graphic style. Do you know what it does? This style can be your exclusive graphic style. If you draw a five pointed star, a circle, or something like that, and then apply this graphic style, the long shadow will come out immediately. Yes or no, as long as you have it for 2 yuan, you can’t be fooled or suffer losses.


Next, we will use a gradient effect on the color filled with gray just now. How cheap. How much.? You are cheap. Open the gradient panel, the angle is 135 °, the left side is white, and the right side is gray with K=40. The effect is shown in the figure. You can also adjust the gradient and angle you like.