Using Illustrator to Draw Purple Style Fashion Illustration Design Tutorial

bookcourseMainly usedIllustratorThis is a fashion illustration tutorial in purple style. Simple tools can also make a fantastic effect. I hope you can like it

design sketch

Tutorial Steps

Step 01 Draw the background

one point one Draw a circle and fill it with any color as the background of the scene illustration.

one point two You can use the internal drawing mode or the clipping mask to draw two rectangles inside the circular mask and fill them with gradient colors. The upper gradient color: # 5917be~# e96ec6, and the lower gradient color: # 456be6~# 456be6. In the lower square, the opacity of the top color is 0%.

Step 02 Draw mountains

two point one Use the pen tool to draw the mountain shape and fill in the same color as the background.

two point two Put the mountain range into the round mask, and duplicate it to generate mountain range 2. Translate the mountain range 2 to the right, and change the opacity to 30%. Copy Mountain Range 1 again, zoom in and move to the lower right corner of the front most layer as Mountain Range 3.