Using Illustrator to Draw 2.5D Style Creative Architectural Illustration Design Tutorial

bookcourseMainly used IIllustratorDraw two point fiveD style creative architectural illustrationDesignThe main body of the tutorial is blue and pink, and the green base and the background color of blue and purple gradient. I hope you can like it

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You should remember to save it at any time during the production process to avoid software crash and loss of progress~

Tutorial Rendering

Tutorial Steps

Step 01 Create a new document

打开Adobe Illustrator,点击文件->新建(快捷键Ctrl+N)创建一个新文件,1800✖️2400

Step 02 Create a guide line

two point oneFirst draw a vertical line with the pen tool

two point twoSelect the vertical bar and press alt ➕ Shift copy and pan out the second vertical line, control ➕ D Copy a row of vertical lines. Select all vertical lines, control ➕ Group G

two point threeSelect the group and right-click to change – rotate. Rotate 60 degrees, copy

two point fourcontrol ➕ D Copy another group.

If there is no crossing, as shown in the figure below:

Then go back to step 2, delete the vertical line on the edge of the first group of vertical lines (guaranteed to be singular), and continue with steps 3 and 4


2.5Check all guides

Upper menu bar – View – Guides – Create Guides

two point sixIf you need to change the guide line color: illustrator – preferences – guide line and grid

two point seven视图-关闭-对齐网格&对齐像素&对齐点

two point eightGuides complete, layer naming: Guides, locked

Step 03 Draw the base plate and background

When drawing, adjust the anchor point and path with small white at any time to align with the reference line

three point oneCreate a new layer, the pen tool draws a rectangle along the reference line, the color is as shown in the figure, and it is named as the bottom plate

three point twoContinue to use the pen to draw the left and right thicknesses, named Thickness Left and Thickness Right respectively, and the colors are as shown in the figure

three point threeMake bottom plate depression effect

Draw two rectangles along the reference line with a pen, and the color is shown as follows

Draw the following rectangle with a pen, select the rectangle and “Thickness Left”, subtract the top layer, and name it “Thickness Left”. “Right thickness” is the same.

Draw the following rectangle with a pen and fill it with the same color as the bottom plate (click the bottom plate with the straw tool)

Sag effect completed