Use CorelDRAW to draw a flat style Tiktok APP icon LOGO design tutorial

bookcourseMainly usedCorelDrawDraw flat Tiktok APPIconThe overall style is mainly red and blue stereoscopic effect, which is recommended for Siyuan friends to learn. I hope you can like it

Look at the effect picture first

Step 1: First, build a square canvas and control its size.

Step 2: Draw a 3cm * 3cm circle, and then copy a selected modified size of 1.5cm * 1.5cm in situ to get the following effect

Step 3: Draw another 2.5cm * 2.5cm circle, and then copy a selected modified size of 1cm * 1cm in situ to get the following effect.

The reason why it is changed to 1cm is that the distance between the upper and lower circles and the distance between the lines behind them are the same width.

Step 4: Select two circles and click the “Remove Front Object” button. The other two circles are operated in the same way.

Then, align the reference line according to the position on the drawing

Step 5: Use the “Rectangle Tool” against the reference point, draw a rectangle connecting the upper and lower circles, and finally select all figures and click “Merge”

The effect is as follows ↓