Tips for Illustrator to quickly make colorful text

Look at the effect picture first:

<a>Illustrator</a>快速制作炫彩文字小技巧,PS<a>教程</a>,” width=”900″ height=”900″ src=”” style=”width: 100%; margin-bottom: 20px;”></p>
            <p style=The specific manufacturing steps are as follows:

1. To create a new canvas, first of all, we need to make a graphic of a unit. There are many methods, so experts can skip this step and look down…

I can’t do this figure. I’ll teach you a simple method: use the pen tool to create a straight line, then right-click – Transform – Rotate, enter a certain angle, and click “Copy”

Then continue crld+d and repeat this action several times until it turns into a circle. Group these lines into ctrl+g. Create a new circular path, align them vertically in the middle, select them, click the “Split” button in the path finder, and then you can color each piece separately (don’t forget to remove the stroke at last)

2. The next step is to draw the path of the text you want to make (the path cannot be sealed, and two endpoints should be left)

(I input a text 8 for this path, then right click to create the path, and use the direct selection tool A to slowly adjust it)

3. Place the figure made in the first step on two endpoints

4. Select the two circular shapes, find the Object – Blend – Blend option in the menu bar, select the specified distance, click OK, and then select Object – Blend – Create

5. This is a figure that looks like soy purple

6. Finally, select this figure and the path of the just drawn text, and replace the mixing axis with the object – mixing in the menu bar~

Conclusion: I think the key step is to draw the text path well. The shape of the path determines whether the final effect is good. In addition to the petal shaped circle I made, you can try other shapes to have an unexpected effect.

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