Theme illustration, a bird themed illustration tutorial drawn on branches and leaves with Illustrator

ThiscourseMainly usedIllustratorThe bird themed illustration is drawn on the branches and leavesDesignThe style is mainly small and fresh. I recommend it to friends to learn. I hope you can like it.

Look at the effect picture first

1. How to create a Starling

Step 1


We start from scratch. Delete the stroke color and set the following fill color you see in the following image. Next, use the Ellipse Tool (L) and create a dark gray ellipse.


First create a small light gray oval (using the Ellipse Tool (L)) and rotate it slightly to the left. After that, add a black circle and a smaller white circle to highlight the eyes. To get a perfect circle, use the Ellipse tool while holding down the Shift button.

Step 2


Stick your body to your head.

Step 3


While keeping the selected extended shape, create a new copy (Control-C, Control-F). Do not deselect, then click the Delete Anchor Tool (-) and delete the three marked anchors by clicking them. Now you should have two parts of the beak: light yellow at the top and dark yellow at the bottom.

Stretch the lighter top a little to the right. The beak is ready!

Give it to the starling.

Step 4


Next, we will give some shadows to the wings. Create a copy (Control-C, Control-B) and move it diagonally to the lower right corner. Make the new copy deeper.

Keep the same fill color and draw a small ellipse, because we want to add some feathers to the wings. Using the Direct Selection Tool (A), select its top and bottom anchors, and use the same tool to move them down a little. This is another way to twist an ellipse.

Next, make several copies of this shape and place them under the actual wing shape. The entire United team has now been completed. grouping.

Put the wing in place.