Star Illustration Tutorial for Drawing Fashion Stereoscopic Effects with Illustrator

design sketch

<a>Illustrator</a>绘制时尚立体效果的星球插画” border=”0″ src=”/d/file/2022/0510/1652149479452.jpg” style=”width: 100%; margin-bottom: 20px;”></p>
            <p style=Fundamentals

This case can be simply regarded as a sphere. Therefore, the purpose is to use gradient color to draw a perspective sphere feeling with a sense of inner and outer space.

Difficulties in techniques

Difficulty 1:Under the premise of overall transparency, how to make the highlight of the sphere bright?

stayvideo At 00:32, the practical demonstration began.

To maintain the transparency between layers on a dark background, it is recommended that layers use the filter/lighten layer style.

Difficulty 2:How can the outline of the stroke of multi-color gradient have a transparent feeling?

Start practical demonstration in video 02:23.

The stroke line not only has multi color gradient, but also has a gradient from 100% opacity to 0% transparency.

Difficulty 3:How to make the luminous point colorful and natural?

Start practical demonstration in video 03:15.

From front to back, each layer has a different hue, and the transparency is getting lower and lower.

Effect display

market value

Illustration content:1000-1500/piece

Material price:50-200/sheet

Graphic content:200-500/pcs

PS: The above prices are calculated based on the final transaction data of the order received by the Baitu Secret Service in the past, and are only for reference.

This week’s homework

1. UsecourseAn original style illustration (it is recommended to choose a regular geometric shapeBasicsModeling)

2. Copy the author’s illustration

More excellent references

Author: Jose A. Ortiz

Very detailed video tutorial:Click to enter