Maya Design Tutorial for MAYA and ZBRUSH to Make CG Characters of Beauty Killer

After seeing Erica’s female setting, I decided to make it into a 3D model. I didn’t know how to make it at the beginning, but I knew that if I wanted to do well, I needed a good V-Ray rendering.

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            <p style=ThisworksI usedphotoshop, Maya’s V-Ray, ZBrush.

Erica’s original concept setting

Fabrication of hard surfaces (guns and shoes)

Usually I start every project with a hard surface. You can refine the model continuously, but you must start from a low model!

In this concept setting, the gun is quite loose, but I think Glock 23 is very sensitive, so I began to look for references. I found a good profile photo and used it as a reference image plane for maya – then I copied it. I decided to make it as accurate as possible, because it can be reused in the future and become your unique work.

I found that shoes can be modeled from a simple outline. I drew a cube, scaled it to fit the center (width and height), and then squeezed it out to get the correct shape. Then I copied the cube and presented the only top model. I squeezed out and got a very “square”BasicsModel.

Then I import ZBrush, where I carve details.

Maya modeling

Zbrush Foundation

Silo tutorial

Take a cube, stretch and bevel the edge until it looks like a gun and a shoe

Create shoes using profiles as a starting point

Sculptured face model

Start with the head of a basic character in ZBrush, and open my reference female anatomy on the second screen with Pinterest.

I didn’t care too much about the perfect sculpture, but at the same time, I didn’t want to be too realistic. She has very sharp characteristics, so I try to maintain the feminine and elegant appearance to maintain the cartoon style. At the same time, I know that the SSS materials in V-Ray may be different.

The script I used to make eyelashes is SpPaint3d in Maya. You can get some interesting results quickly by applying a small random rotation and scaling value.