MAYA Design Tutorial for Making Pictures of Beautiful Seaside Girls in Summer by MAYA and MODO

At first, I never really made fantasy creatures or game characters, so I decided to find my own style. Step by step, I have suffered a lot. I finally started. My favorite style is. Peter, Deserve’sworksSo I try to make this style.

Enjoying midsummer begins with illustrations. First, I searched many photos. My work starts here, and now for other new roles, these references will also help me improve my artistic skills and style. Ok, stop talking, let’s startcourse

Software usage:photoshop, Maya, MODO

Description: My first idea is to create a super attractive girl, energetic, innocent and lovely. I search for references on the InternetpictureIt can help me understand my ideas. You can see my main reference figure in Figure 01:

A Swimsuit

B Body

C Expression

E Hat

F Hat

Figure 01

Here are three views of my model, modeling and bone manipulation in Maya (Figure. 02). “Advanced Bones” created bones. I use a free MEL script. You can find it here:

Maya modeling


After the completion, the main body is made with Maya. I import the grid into MODO to make some adjustments. On the grid, especially at the arm, I also spend a lot of time on facial expressions. It is important to pay attention to the smile and make an unforgettable expression. Then, I imitated the shape of bikini and hat (Figure 03).

Figure 03