MAMY Design Tutorial of Magic Robot Example in MAMY Drawing Game

Pavel explained how he created this magical robot

My name is Pavel, and some people may know that I am actually GoodAtom. I live in Moscow, Russia, and I work as a freelancer. In this article, I will tell you how I created this character. I will take you step by step from sketch to ZBrush and toMaya, first inphotoshopMake conceptual settings in.

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Now, I will tell you more details. I like to draw sketches on paper. I don’t like painting in Photoshop. I like to draw sketches with a pencil on frosted brown papyrus. The painting is small. It takes about 2 to 3 minutes for a small sketch.

At this stage, I don’t pay attention to details and scale

My painting comes to mind, and the first thing I do is to choose the best idea. On my head, some interesting ideas have begun to appear. At this time, I began to draw sketches in larger dimensions.

The first feeling is that a man and a future helmet are like a fighter. The idea was based on a parallel universe in which gladiators are still fighting today. In this universe, it is possible to use steam or magic.


The second original painting is a robot helmet that looks like a conqueror. His face wasDesignCheng is very similar to the mask of a diver in the early 20th century.

Gladiator in steampunk style

I like these two ideas, and I decided to combine them organically. A magic gladiator, like a conqueror, like some steampunk robots in the early 20th century mixed with divers

When I shared this idea with my best friend, he said I would never paint it. But the next day I began to realize that there was something wrong with my idea.

I had to hurry to create my final sketch. It is also the final image before forming 3D.

Final sketch. Now, it’s ready


The organizers of this competition have strict rules: participants cannot use normal bump mapping, which must be 3000 triangles and 1024 times 1024 pixels of texture.

So I can draw a lot of details in this texture, but the outline of the model looks poor.

I decided not to use standard rules. I like to break rules and use other ideas.

The model with 3000 triangles has no normal bump map – it seems outdated and does not meet the standards of the next generation of game consoles. Why use this method? This is my personal feeling. I prefer complex tasks.

So I started 3D sketch:

-I started using ZSpheres

-I made oneBasicsgrid

-My body sketch

-I carve the basic components of sketch