Illustrator’s Experience in Making Cute Q Style Art Characters

Today, Changyou VC’s cute sister came to teach students somethingtypefaceDesignExperience, teaching students how to attach to existing fontsBasicsFinally, we will create a cute font, which is especially suitable for students who have a solid foundation in font design. Let’s learn the process of font deformation.

It is unavoidable to deal with fonts in the design work. However, sometimes it is more necessary to use a font that is somewhat special, at least not so stereotyped, to express the theme and convey the brand image. BUT does not mean that everyone has a basis for font design, nor does it necessarily have enough time to redefine a font, so it is also a good choice to rely on existing fonts and adjust and modify them on this basis to achieve the desired effect. The following is a list of the process of making typeface deformation of Q version, which can be used as a guide to share the right with everyone. The experts in typeface design throw too much stone, which is unbearable for weak women.

1、 Determine the style and find the font

I received a request to see what the content is. For example, the overall color of the game “Q Biography of the New Marsh” is candy and rainbow, and the style is also cute. Let’s find some Q fonts for basic shapes.

<a>Illustrator</a>制作可爱Q版风格艺术字<a>教程</a>,PS教程,” width=”728″ height=”327″ src=”/d/file/2017/1018/1508288975286.jpg” style=”width: 100%; margin-bottom: 20px;”></p>
            <p style=Now choose a font as an example. Open AI New Canvas and enter the following text.

2、 Change the characteristics of radical display

Select the text CRTL+SHIFT+O to create an outline of the text, and CRTL+SHIFT+G to ungroup it so that each word becomes a separate individual.

Find out the points that need to be adjusted, and you can refine the font radical or a point in a unified form. Since the characters in the system are quite neat, it is decided to uniformly use the circle to represent the apostrophe/dot in the font, and use the arc to represent the large bends and bends, so as to make it more tensile and interesting.

Use the Direct Select tool or the Delete Anchor tool to trim/delete the excess as follows:

Use the ellipse tool to draw a circle (when drawing a circle, press the SHIFT key to draw a perfect circle), and adjust it to the font radical position to maintain the integrity of the font.

Draw a circle. Use the Add Anchor Tool to add two anchors. Use the Direct Selection Tool to select one of the anchors. Press the Delete key to delete the anchor.

Set the stroke thickness value in the stroke panel according to the actual situation, and press the fillet end point option to keep the end point smooth.