Illustrator Vector Illustration Design Tutorial for Using AI to Make Scooter Illustration Pictures

courseIt is mainly completed by using AI shape tools and adding tracing tools. The final effect is a very beautiful illustration, which is recommended for friends to learn. I hope you can like it.

Look at the effect picture first

Here are the tutorials

1. First create a new drawing board, then fill it with a background color, and cancel the stroke.

2. After the drawing board is placed, we will start to draw from the head of the skateboard girl. We can choose the ellipse tool to draw three circles of different sizes and then fill them with colors.

3. After drawing the face, how can we get rid of the neck? Then we use the ellipses and rounded rectangles in the shape tool to make the position of the side face and neck, and then use the path finder (SHIFT+CTRL+F9) to join the figures.

4. Next, in order to make the position of the neck look smooth, we continue to use the graphical tools and the path finder to subtract the top layer effect to make the position of the neck look smooth.