Illustrator Stereo Icon Design Tutorial for Drawing 2.5D Isometric Stereo Icons with AI

Teach you how to useIllustrator Draw 2.5 equidistant solidsIcon, absolutely XiaobaicourseConscience course, after learning what Monument Valley is, it’s impossible to figure, and it’s easy to see three-dimensional scenes.

There are still many online tutorials on drawing isometric scenes, but most of them require you to have a certain perspectiveBasicstheoryThe method of use is mostly to use the PS bevel tool to splice all surfaces, or use the AI free transformation tool to draw a three-dimensional scene map according to the slope rate. However, this method is trivial and inefficient, so after careful consideration, I decided to give you a simple and easy to learn tutorial. Even Xiaobai can start in 5 minutes, without having perspective theory or playing AI, Bao asked Bao if he would come again.