Illustrator makes sweet honeycomb with three-dimensional effect

Let’s take a look at the final renderings:

 <a>Illustrator</a>制作质感立体效果的甜蜜蜂巢,PS<a>教程</a>,” width=”600″ height=”600″ src=”/d/file/2017/0829/1503969416532.jpg” style=”width: 100%; margin-bottom: 20px;”></p>
            <p style=I. HoneycombBasics

1. Use polygon tool to draw a dark yellow hexagon with a radius of 0.6 inch (R=147 G=104 B=20)


3. Apply a linear gradient to the hexagonal border (shortcut key G). The color changes of the gradient panel from left to right are:

R=255 G=179 B=45

R=255 G=204 B=102

R=255 G=229 B=139

R=255 G=189 B=63

R=255 G=234 B=144

R=255 G=204 B=102

R=255 G=179 B=45

II. Rendering Honeycomb

1. Use the ellipse tool (L) to cover the lower part of the hexagon, and use the color (R=255 G=214 B=82) to draw a 90 ° linear gradient from 100% to 0% opacity. Select the inner hexagon and circle, use the shape generation tool (Shift-M) to select the part of the circle that does not cover the inner hexagon, deselect and delete it, and a clear semicircle is reflected on the honeycomb