Illustrator makes standard China Unicom logo tutorial

Look at the effect picture first

<a>Illustrator</a>制作标准的中国联通标志<a>教程</a>,PS教程,” width=”428″ height=”344″ src=”” style=”width: 100%; margin-bottom: 20px;”></p>
            <p style=Detailed steps:

1. First, open the AI software, create a new file, and the size is customized. Use the rectangle tool to draw a square (with stroke but without filling), as shown below

2. Use the selection tool to select a square, press and hold the Alt key to copy the other square horizontally to the right. Note that the adjacent edges of the two squares overlap (intersect). After copying, press Ctrl+D twice, and there are four consecutive squares. As shown below

3. Using the same method, select all the four squares created in step 2, press Alt and drag vertically downward, note that adjacent edges overlap, copy, and press Ctrl+D twice, then 16 small squares of 4 * 4 are obtained, as shown in the following figure

4. Select all 16 small squares and rotate them 45 degrees, as shown in the following figure

5. Select two small squares above and below, and four small squares on the left and right, as shown in the figure

6. Select all shapes, open the path finder, and click the contour, as shown in the figure

7. Add stroke to the above contour as shown in the figure below

8. Select the above figure, click “Effect”, stylize, and get the following figure after rounding (radius is about 15)

9. Select the above figure, select the direct selection tool, select the desired anchor point and drag the same distance to get the following figure