Illustrator makes cool Zhang Liangying concert posters

Today, let’s share a cool and simpleIllustratorcourse, the original picture is the promotion of Zhang Liangying’s concert in 2015posterThe author, Uncle Joe, simplified the process and copied a poster with similar effect. The teaching was very meticulous, even if it was zeroBasicsYou can also learn to work harder. Come and have a try.

Original effect:

First, open AI, build a drawing board, and draw a circle.

Click the edge of the circular path with the text tool, convert the circle into a text box, and then click the keyboard to type.

Then adjust the font size spacing and line spacing according to personal preferences.

Then select the Envelope tool and remember the small triangle next to it:

Adjustment parameters:

Then use the direct selection tool to slightly adjust:

The sides are also:

In short, to make it more round:

Then copy out one and put it outside the drawing board for future use.

Return to the drawing board, and then Ctrl+Shift+O to turn the text.