Illustrator logo design tutorial for making 2.5D style LOGO icon with AI

This kind of logo is simple and can highlight the theme. The 2.5D effect seems to have a sense of science and technology. It is most novicesDesignAs an alternative to logo design, today we will use AI to make 2.5D style LOGOIconI hope you can enjoy it.

Look at the effect picture first:

Then let’s talk about it

How to make this 2.5D logo

First, we use AI to create a 1280 * 720 drawing board

Double click “Rectangular Grid Tool” to enter tool parameter settings

Set as shown in the figure

Hold down the Shift key on the canvas

Drag out a square grid

Hold down the “Shift+Alt” key and drag the grid to the left to copy it

Press “Ctrl+D” to repeat the operation

So we have three identical grids

Select these three grids

Press Ctrl+5 on the keyboard

Can quickly turn them into reference lines

Let’s draw the first letter

Use the Rectangle Tool to draw such a rectangle along the reference line

Here we draw the letter C

Select all rectangles just drawn

Join them in the Path Finder

Then replace a color for the resulting letter C

Now we will make the letter B

Go to the second grid

First draw a rectangle like this

Then draw a rectangle like this on the top

Use Subtract Top Level in Path Finder

In this way, the middle part is removed

Here we switch to “Direct Selection Tool”

Select the upper and lower corners

Drag the two dots inward to make a fillet