Illustrator Image Design Tutorial for Drawing Gradual Style Bird Graphic Pictures with AI

Today, let’s share how to make a text page flipping effect in three stepsposter。 My favorite friends can study together.

Look at the effect picture first

字母海报:用AI制作翻页风格海报<a>教程</a>” border=”0″ height=”1238″ src=”/d/file/2019/0614/1560477520455.png” width=”900″ style=”width: 100%; margin-bottom: 20px;”></p>
            <p style=Tutorial Steps

Because the content of this article is very simple, I think we can briefly describe the analysis ideas. To simplify the problem, the scaling between letters is nothing more than the page turning effect produced by scaling in the horizontal and vertical directions, so I chose to use the scaling tool.

Therefore, the first step is to give a black background, pull the reference line and print the text:

Step 2: After the text is outlined, give it a gradient color:

Step 3: Use the scale tool to deform. Here you can describe the operation in a little more detail.

First select the object, press the shortcut key S, and then click the center point: