Illustrator Drawing Cartoon Cute Little Tiger Illustration Design Tutorial

Look at the effect picture first

<a>Illustrator</a>绘制卡通可爱的小老虎<a>教程</a>,PS教程,” width=”852″ height=”842″ src=”/d/file/2017/0913/1505289046595.png” style=”width: 100%; margin-bottom: 20px;”></p>
        <p style=1. How to create a tiger head

Step 1



Step 2

Let’s add some depth to the head. Copy the shape and paste it to the back (Control+C, Control+B), and move it down a bit. Enlarge the lower ellipse slightly, and then change the color to beige. Copy and paste another copy to the back (Control+B), move it down a bit, and then change the color to dark beige.

Step 3

For the ear part, we first draw an ellipse and fill it with the same color as the head [first select the ellipse, then select the straw tool (I), and click the tiger head].

Use the Direct Selection Tool (A) to move the left and right anchors of the ear down. Copy the shape, change the color to a slightly darker one and then reduce it to a larger shape.

Step 4

Place the ear on the left side of the head and rotate it a little to the left. Using the mirror tool (O) (Alt+click the forehead axis), in the dialog window that appears, select the “vertical” axis with an angle of 90 degrees, and then click “Copy”. Now a tiger should have two ears on its head.

Step 5

For the eye part, first create a brown circle, then create a white ellipse behind the brown circle, and rotate it slightly to the left.

BelowpictureThe white oval has a black stroke, which is used for the tutorial (for better visibility), so you don’t need this stroke. Copy the ellipse to the rear, zoom in slightly, move it up and change the color to brown (the same as the color of the pupil fill).


Step 6

Put your eyes on your head and use the mirror tool to make the right eye (as in step 4, make the right ear).

Step 7

We add some tiger features to the tiger. Draw an ellipse on the left side of the head, use the direct selection tool to move the handle of the anchor point, make the result you see in the second image below, and then place it behind the left eye. Now place the vertical mirror copy of the shape behind the right eye.