Illustrative pictures, AI+PS mouse drawn cute fortune cat illustrative Banner pictures

As one of the Banner elements, as long as you learn to create small scenes and use the scene elements, you can create your own original illustration Banner. The following article focuses on creating a kitten and using the kitten as the materialDesignAn illustration style Banner. Inspired material

For those who cannot create original illustrations, they still need to refer to photos as the starting point for creation. The photo we used today is the one I saw on the photo website, which was just attracted by the cute action of the kitten. (Much like the action of the money cat~)

Extract sketches from photos


Extracting sketches is to define the cat’s body structure. The modeling can be realistic or abstract, but realism is always a starting point. So the realistic process can be carried out in the sketch. It is better to draw a picture or draw a structure according to the photo reference. It’s a good start.

It can be seen from the above figure that the structural outline of the cat has been formed. This part was also discussed in detail in our flat illustration workshop course. The most basic lines were extracted from the bones. This part laid a solid foundation for the next big shapeBasicsIf there is a problem with the skeleton, it is difficult to correct the initial structure of the contour line, which is also the initial link that causes the problem of the shape.

The outer contour is not necessarily drawn according to the shape of the cat. Some details can be modified. first floor! Overall large contour

The big outline of the cat is the starting point of the modeling. First, draw a whole silhouette shape to lay the foundation for details.


Open AI and start tracing in AI. The document can be set to 1600 * 1600px and the color mode can be set to CMYK. With the help of sketches, you can know what shape should be arranged best. But at this time, due to the abstract style, the shape of the cat needs to be further modified and simplified.

First lay the background shape for the whole document, and use the rectangle tool to draw a 1600 * 1600px as the background. The purpose of setting the background first is to establish the whole color atmosphere, so that the foreground color can follow the background color to design. The background color is # F08654.

And use the pen tool to draw the cat’s head. Note that the cat’s face can be wider and fatter, so it will look more lovely.


Next, draw the body part. The cat’s four small claws can be exaggerated. Place the four claws in place. So the whole body is assembled.

Note that each cat claw is a rectangular variant, which can make the cat look simple and abstract, and can distance itself from the realistic cat.

Another layer! Give cats more details

The second level should be more details of the cat: face, coat color and so on, so that the cat looks recognizable.