Illustrations for children, Illustrator designed colorful pictures for children

ThiscourseMainly usedIllustratorDesignColorful illustrations of children’s books are rendered using gradient grid, blending, small sparks and various blending modes to complete the final effect picture. I hope my friends can like it.

Look at the effect picture first

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1. Start with a sketch

Step 1

Let’s start with a sketch. Use the default brush of the Brush Tool (B) to start painting a cute, child like character. This design is inspired by the theme of Alice in Wonderland, super cartoon, and keeps fast and loose, even when drawing more delicate linesworksHierarchy.

Step 2

Combine brush lines (Control-G), reduce the opacity in the transparency panel to 40%, and lock the design in the Layers panel.

When you calculate your composition, layer your fine sketches in this way. I didn’t want to drown this character, so I kept the simple design with giant mushrooms and hearts in the background. Because the rendering of the character itself takes quite a lot of time, I didn’t describe it in detail in the sketch.

2. Create a face

Step 1

Combine all the artistic lines together, reduce the opacity and lock it in the layer panel, and now you can start the various shapes involved in the character head.

Using the Ellipse Tool (L), draw a circle on the top half of the head. Track with the previously drawn chin pen tool (P) and arbitrarily unite two shapes in the Pathfinder panel or combine them with the shape generator tool (Move – M).

For ears, draw two circular D-shaped shapes. For the neck, you can use the Rectangle Tool (M) and the Direct Selection Tool (A) to taper the bottom.