Illustration Design Tutorial for Drawing Cute Little Kerky’s Illustration Pictures with AI

In thiscourseIn, we will use simple lines to create a cute little Kirky. When creating this illustration, we have two options: you can use the pencil tool to draw lines, or you can use the arc tool to create the desired curves. After that, we will color the illustrations, which is our creative idea. In the process of drawing, we will learn how to move the anchor point and control handle to obtain the desired shape.

Look at the effect picture first

插画<a>设计</a>:用AI绘制可爱的小柯基插画” height=”850″ src=”/d/file/2019/0626/1561544412355.png” width=”850″ style=”width: 100%; margin-bottom: 20px;”></p>
            <p style=1. Create a body profile

Step 1

Create a new document and let’s start drawing the illustration. In fact, we will only draw half of the body, and then we will create a reflection shape to obtain the other half of the figure.

首先我们从绘制耳朵开始。删除填充颜色并将笔触的颜色设置为 R = 142,G = 93,B = 60。转到“ 描边”面板(“ 窗口”>“描边”)将描边粗细增加到3px。并设置为圆角端点。

Select the arc tool and click your palette. In the new dialog window (arc segment tool options), be sure to check Type Open, Slope 30, Arc Filling Closed, and the length and baseline axis do not need to be changed. After checking everything you need, press OK.

Hold down the Shift key to rotate the arc so that it is placed horizontally.

之后,在保持选定圆弧的同时,转到效果>变形>弧形。在新对话窗口中,输入您在下面看到的选项,然后按确定。接下来展开图形“ 对象”>“扩展外观”。

Step 2

Now let’s continue to draw the ears.

Rotate the shape you just created. Use the arc tool to add another arc to connect the top of the two arcs.

Create copies of the two arcs, shrink them, and place them below the previous arc. Use the pencil tool (N) to add interesting hair to the puppy’s ears.

Zoom in and check that the arcs are all connected.