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You can also add noise to graphicsDesignCreate a charming countryside scenery~coursedesign sketch

Tutorial Steps

Step 1: Create a new document

Open AdobeIllustrator,点击文件 – >新建( 快捷键Ctrl+N ),创建一个新文件,参数设置如下:

Step 2: Create a background

Find the AI layer panel, double-click the layer name, and change the name to “background river”: select the “background river” layer, use the rectangle tool (shortcut key M), and click in the middle of the canvas after the mouse changes to a cross shape, as shown in the following figure, enter values, and draw a 1600x1200px rectangle with the color filled as # 4086C6.

Step 3: Draw the beach

3.1 Lock the just made “background river” layer, and create a new layer named “beach”

3.2 Select the “beach” layer, use the pen tool (P) to start drawing shapes, and fill in the color # F2B252

3.3 After drawing the shape with the pen tool (P), you can use the direct selection tool (A) to adjust the anchor point

Step 4: Draw the grass

4.1 Create a new layer named “Grass”, use the Ellipse Tool (L) to draw four ellipses, open the path finder, select four circles, and click the union option, as shown in the figure

4.2 Use the rectangle tool (M) to draw a rectangle, open the path finder, select the figure and rectangle just made, and click the minus top option, as shown in the figure below

4.3 Fill color of selected shape # A7A635 after drawing

4.4 The drawing of the remaining grass is the same scheme as above. After completion, select the shape to fill in the color. The color parameters are as follows:

4.5 After drawing and filling, place it according to the above figure, select the whole “grass” layer, and place it under the “beach” layer