Icon Design, Illustrator Drawing Retro Radio Icon Design Tutorial

Who doesn’t remember those fabulous portable radios? Remember that when you have listened to music or radio stations from cassette tapes, you still have no iPod or Spotify? Today we will draw this retroIcon, I hope my friends can like it.

Look at the effect picture first

绘制复古收音机图标的<a>Illustrator</a><a>教程</a>” border=”0″ src=”/d/file/2020/0925/1601015881375.png” width=”850″ style=”width: 100%; margin-bottom: 20px;”></p>
            <p style=1. How to create a new document and set the grid

Press Control-N to create a new document. Set the units to pixels, and then enter 800 x 600 for the width and height of the document. Then in the Advanced Options, select RGB, Screen (72 ppi), and make sure that the Align Objects to New Pixel Grid box is unchecked before clicking OK.

Go to Preferences (Control-K) and enter 1 px for keyboard increments. Press OK.

  您可以激活“ 信息” 面板(“ 窗口”>“信息”),以便预览形状的大小和位置。请记住 从 编辑>首选项>单位将测量单位设置为 像素。这将大大提高您的工作速度。

2. How to create a radio

We will first create the body of the radio, and then we will turn to other elements.

Step 1

First use the Rectangle Tool (M) to create a 400 x 134 px rectangular radio body. Use as the fill color# 3C3741

Then use the direct selection tool (A) and use the keyboard keys to move the bottom node of the rectangle by 5 px; Move one to the left and the other to the right.

Step 2

For speakers, copy the previous rectangle twice (Control-C followed by Control-F), and move the last copy 120 px to the right. Then use the Pathfinder panel to apply Minus Front with the previous copy.

  对结果形状(效果>路径>偏移路径)应用-8 px偏移,然后展开其形式(对象>展开外观)。最后,使用带有直接选择工具的实时角(A),将所有顶点舍弃到右下角。

Use # 342F38 as the fill color.