How does CorelDRAW quickly adjust font spacing? CorelDRAW Quickly Adjust Font Spacing Tutorial

in useCorelDrawWhen editing text, it is not difficult to adjust the word spacing to achieve an ideal text effect. Xiao Bian will use CorelDRAW 2019 to demonstrate the operation of word spacing adjustment.

Adjust the word spacing during productionposterAnd text effects are often used to better present the text. When editing text with CorelDRAW software, it is not difficult to adjust the word spacing to make the text effect ideal. Xiao Bian will demonstrate the operation of word spacing adjustment with CorelDRAW 2019.How does CorelDRAW adjust word spacingThere are three ways to achieve this. Let’s follow the small editor to learn.

Method 1: Adjust the word spacing with the “Shape” tool

1. Open the cdr software, and use the text tool to print the text content that needs to adjust the character spacing.

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            <p style=Figure 1: Opening the cdr software

2. Click the “Shape” tool option in the toolbar, and press and hold the “F10” shortcut key. When a sign as shown in the figure appears in the lower right or left corner of a sentence, the character spacing can be changed. The flag at the lower left corner indicates that characters are dragged downward, and the flag at the lower right corner indicates that characters are dragged to the right. Drag the two flags separately to adjust the word spacing appropriately.

Figure 2: Shape tool adjusts word spacing

Method 2: Shortcut keys to adjust word spacing

1. Select the “Text” tool option, select all the text to be adjusted, and then press and hold Shift+Ctrl+”on the keyboard Press the key to widen the space between words to the right, or press Shift+Ctrl+”,” to narrow the space between words to the left.

Figure 3: Text tool adjusts word spacing

Method 3: Adjust word spacing with paragraph adjustment box

1. Select all the text whose character spacing needs to be adjusted. Then click the “Text” option at the top of the software, select the “Text” option in the drop-down menu that appears, or press and hold “Ctrl+T” on the keyboard to display the paragraph adjustment box.

Figure 4: Select the “Text” option

2. As shown in Figure 5, in the “Paragraph” option in the paragraph adjustment box, adjust the number through the “% Character Height” option or the “% of Point Size” option to drag the text downward to achieve the effect of character spacing adjustment.

Figure 5: Paragraph Adjustment Box

The above are three methods of adjusting the word spacing using CorelDRAW. CorelDRAW software can well adjust the word spacing of text content. The operation is simple, convenient and easy to learn, which greatly improves the efficiency and convenience of the operation. applicationHow does CorelDRAW adjust word spacingHave you learned the three methods?