Gradual change picture, Illustrator drawing multi gradual change color style illustration picture tutorial

Multi fade color style is a very popular style at present, which is more suitable for use in specific scenes and environments. For beginners, the multi gradual color change style is not easy to useDesignThe basic skill requirements are relatively high. The following light realistic landscape illustrationworksIt belongs to the personal work of ZOE, an excellent practitioner of Baitu Ji.

ThiscourseIt mainly describes the creative ideas and main operations of the multi gradual color changing style, which is suitable for certainBasicsLearn from designers. Now let’s officially enter this tutorial.

Look at the effect picture first

Tutorial Steps

01. Look for reference drawings

02. Draft

03. Basic drawing and simple coloring

04. Multi gradual color changing and coloring

05. Add transparency to multi fade

06. Texture addition

07. Multi gradient on the background

08. Add details

09. Add particles and words

Final completion effect