Dynamic picture, AE special effect plug-in makes cool dynamic picture of snow effect

Two days ago, Azumi wrote an article about rainSpecial effectsIt’s time to write a big move for snow effects. It’s also a fool’s operation suitable for lazy people. It’s simple and rough to complete the production, with a magic tool for dynamic snow.

<a>photoshop</a>两种方法制作超酷的下雪效果” border=”0″ src=”/d/file/2020/1029/1603957834660.jpg” width=”800″ style=”width: 100%; margin-bottom: 20px;”></p>
            <p style=Original picture, from Dragon Cat

It’s snowing. Make a snowman and have a snowball fight

Dynamic effect:

Different from last time, let’s share the snow this timeanimationYes, yes, we still use the BBC 10 particle special effects plug-in. If we have read the previous article, we can actually make snowflakes. Don’t believe it, let’s look down.

1、 AE special effect plug-in Dafa is good

Step 1: Open AE and importpicture。如图所示,可以通过菜单文件>导入,或者直接拖拽图片到项目面板。

The same imported pictures

Step 2: Newsynthesis。 As shown in the following figure, right-click the case image, and then select New Synthesis Based on Selected Items in the pop-up menu. At this point, you can see the composition named after the picture on the timeline panel.

△ Change a new synthesis method

Step 3: Add special effects. In the selected picture layerBasics上,选择菜单栏的“效果>BBC10 Particles>BBC Snow”,添加雨的粒子特效。

△ As shown in the figure, add the special effect of snowflake particles step by step

After adding, press Preview to play or press the space bar to play the new AE directly, and you can see that it is snowing. Can be rendered and saved asvideo, you can also choose any frame to save as a rain picture, which is simple and convenient. Well, it seems too simple, hahaha.

The default snow effect is a little slow

Step 4: More ways to play. Of course, the default effect of the previous step is already very good. Those who love to toss and turn can continue to adjust the parameters on the effect panel, as shown in the figure: the size, speed, density, blurriness, angle, snowflake color, etc. of the snow can continue to be adjusted, and you can make animation effects. In short, you can snow whatever you want, and you can go from light snow to blizzard. It doesn’t matter if you don’t adjust the parameters, because the plug-in presets a variety of snow effects.

△ Parameters and presets

△ Simple adjustment

Of course, in addition to rain and snow, this plug-in, such as stars and sparks, is also done at will. Azujun will continue to update AE related special effect animation tips.

2、 PS intelligent object Dafa is good

As for making snowflakes, snow is white, which is still nothing more than black and white element processing, making the shape of snowflakes, so you can also use snowflakesBrush, snowflake shape, etc. However, what Azujun will say next is not them. Instead, it directly completes the snowflake state, and then uses the intelligent object method to make an “automatic” template. Let’s see how it works. In fact, it’s a simple three-step process.

The first step is to open the PS file, double-click the smart object layer, drag the image we want to make the effect in the newly opened document, and save it.

Second, select a favorite effect from the snowflake effect group and check the layer.

△ Preview snowflake effect

Step 3:TintingThe color style is selected for the layer group. Of course, if you are an old driver, you can ignore this step.

This is done. Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S, just save.