Drawing Glittering Retro Glass Bottles with Illustrator Design Tutorial

bookcourseMainly usedIllustratorDraw glittering retro glass bottle illustration. The tutorial isvideoThe focus of the tutorial is the noise style sparkling glass bottle illustration. I hope you can enjoy it

design sketch

Difficulties in techniques

1、 How to draw the glass bottle mouth?

Because the light source is inside the bottle, the bottle mouth processing follows the light shadow relationship between light inside and dark outside.

2、 How are glass straws drawn?

The glass straw is hidden in the bottle, the color is indistinct, and is affected by the light source in the bottle at will.

3、 How to draw paper stickers for glass bottles?

As the surface of the bottle body is round, the label is slightly tilted upward, and the pattern needs to be made by ourselves.

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