CorelDRAW Drawing and Making Fashion Hollow Art Character Design Tutorial

Recently, many netizens are asking how to make hollow text effects in CDR. The hollow words are very unique in the way of expression, which can show a different artistic effect. Many people will find it novel and beautiful when they first see it. Composite paths can be used in AI to create simple hollow figures or text effects; In PS, you can also use region selection to make hollow figures,CorelDraw How to achieve this in? In fact, it is very simple. This article will share the simple and fast use of CDR to make hollow text effects. The final results are also good.

The completed figure is as follows:

<a>字体</a><a>教程</a>:CDR制作时尚的镂空艺术字” border=”0″ height=”320″ src=”” width=”419″ style=”width: 100%; margin-bottom: 20px;”></p>
            <p style=步骤一、新建画布 打开CorelDRAW,执行“文件>新建”命令,或按快捷键Ctrl+N新建一个A4大小的横向空白文档。

Step 2: Enter text. Select “Text Tool” in the toolbox to enter text. For better visual effect, you can select a bold text and apply bold style.

Step 3: Adjust the letter spacing. Select the Shape Tool in the toolbox, click the text object, and drag the right symbol inward to adjust the spacing between letters. Make sure that the letters overlap and cover each other, so that the next operation can be carried out.

Step 4: Adjust the font size to select and enlarge the font. Since the maximum font size specified in the menu bar is 300pt, you can select a text object and drag the corner sizing handle to enlarge the font size. Then press the P key to display the text in the center of the canvas.


Step 6: Outline Effect Apply the two selected letters to the “External Outline” effect with a step of 1 and an offset of 3mm, as shown in the following figure.

步骤七、拆分对象 按住Shift同时选中两组字母,再次执行“对象>拆分”命令(快捷键Ctrl+K),将字母和轮廓图打散。

Step 8. Don’t just fill the background in this way. If you fill a dark background at the bottom, you will find that there is a problem. Double click the Rectangle Tool to draw a rectangle of the same size as the canvas and fill it with the inherent green of CorelDRAW. So we also need to remove all white strokes and make them hollow, so that any background will not be affected.

Step 9: We have split the letters and contour map above the trimming figure. Now, first select the white contour map below, and then press Shift to select the first letter to execute the “Trim” command.

Step 10: To trim a figure, first select the white outline map below, then press Shift and select the third letter to execute the “Trim” command. At this time, the white part of the second letter can be deleted. The fourth letter is the same as the hollow out effect, so I will not repeat it. Here you have doubts, can you trim it at the same time? For this problem, please refer to: Explain how to trim objects in CorelDRAW.

Here, a little partner asked, after using the scattered letters, apply a 3mm white stroke directly (“External contour” should be selected in the setting of the contour pen), and then convert the “contour to object”. Is it OK to trim the letters with the contour edge? In fact, it is OK, but it only trims the contour of the letters, as shown below.

Step 11. The final effect is to change the letters to the color you like, combine all the objects, apply the shadow effect, and then the hollow words are made.