Analysis of how to use the layer overlay function in CorelDRAW

Believe, many planesDesignThe teacher is right when drawingpictureThe blending mode of PS has been tried and tried repeatedly, and some overlay functions are often used to quickly create layer effects. Now the blending mode is not only the patent of PS, but alsoCorelDrawIt is also widely used. How to make layers in CorelDRAWOverlay functionIn fact, there is a layer overlay similar function in the hidden place of the software, but no layer is needed, which is a unique property of vector software. Let’s have a look.

What is hybrid mode?Blending mode allows you to mix the object color with the color of the underlying object in different ways. When you apply a blend mode to an object, you can see the effect of the blend mode on any object below the object’s layer or group.

1. Open the CorelDRAW software and import a picture.

2. Use the Rectangle Tool to draw a rectangle on the image and fill it with any color.

3. With the rectangle selected, select the Transparency Tool in the toolbox, and click the black triangle on the right in the Merge Mode of its toolbar attribute to display the settings of multiple transparency merge modes. This is similar to the layer blending mode in PS, such as “Standard Mode, Overlay Mode, Soft Light Mode”, etc.

4. Then adjust the transparency value and parameters of the property bar in combination to achieve the effect similar to PS’s layer overlay mode.

5. By analogy, two vector maps or bitmaps can also achieve this effect.

另外,使用“透镜”也能实现此效果,执行““窗口>泊坞窗>效果>透镜”命令或按快捷键Alt+F3,弹出透镜泊坞窗。选择相应透镜效果。有关透镜的拓展阅读,可点击:详解CorelDRAW X7软件中的透镜效果。

Overlay mode: when the background color changesBasicsUse the “Multiply positive” or “Filter” mode on the bottom, and the color of the drawing is superimposed on the bottom color, but the highlights and shadows of the bottom color are retained. The color of the base color is not replaced, but mixed with the drawing color to reflect the light and dark parts of the original image. This mode can improve the saturation and contrast of the background image, making the image look brighter.