AI Tutorial of Using Illustrator to Make Stereoscopic Spherical Pictures with Full Sense of Technology

Recently, I saw a very cool sphere effect made by a foreign god with AI on the tubing. Now let’s teach you the simple steps. Through this study, I can master some of the AIDesignSkills, and use one against three in future design.

Look at the effect picture first

AI<a>教程</a>:制作科技感十足的立体球状,PS教程,思缘教程网” border=”0″ height=”301″ src=”/d/file/2019/0621/1561083844440.png” width=”447″ style=”width: 100%; margin-bottom: 20px;”></p>
            <p style=First, create an 800X600px canvas, and then use the rectangle tool to draw a rectangle of the same size as the background. The fill color value is # 000000. Then we use the gradient tool to pull out the radial gradient from # FFFFFF to # C2C2C2 in the figure:

Continue to select the ellipse tool and click in the canvas. Fill in 340px for width and height, and the color value is # 040456. Then use the ellipse tool to draw an ellipse below the sphere as the shadow of the sphere. The color value is # 000000 and the opacity is set to 20%.


In other parts of the canvas, select the polygon tool and click. Set the radius to 40px, the number of sides to 3, the stroke thickness to 0.3px, the stroke color to white, and the opacity to 50%. Continue to use the polygon tool, set the radius to 12.487px, the number of sides to 6, remove the stroke, fill it in white, copy the three corners of two triangles in turn, and combine them (Ctrl+G), as shown in the following figure.