Wrinkle effect, PS makes text design tutorial with wrinkle effect

This chaptercourseMake a text with pleated effect through ps. This text is like attached to a pleated cloth. The whole effect is very good. Students in the later stageDesignWhen, for exampleposterThis effect can be used when making. In the process of production, we will mainly use the substitution in ps to increase this effect. The whole tutorial is also relatively simple and the steps are very short. I believe that students can learn it quickly. Let’s make it through the tutorial together. I believe you can also create better onesworks


Operation steps:

1. Open the cloth material, ctrl+j copy a layer, ctrl+shift+u decolor

  2.Filter-Blur – Gaussian blur, the value is adjusted as needed, here 60px (no details, keep light and shadow)

3. ctrl+l brings out the color scale to enhance the contrast of light and shadow