Watercolor effect, PS makes the photos of Yiyang Qianxi into watercolor effect

Yiyang Qianxi is a star idol that many people like. His cool appearance has attracted many star chasing girls. His fashion blockbusters have won the hearts of big fans. This chaptercourseLet’s take the photo of Yiyang Qianxi as an example, and make a very cool picture with PSpicture。 The whole tutorial is very simple, and students can learn it quickly through practice. This chapter uses a piece of watercolor material, which can be put into the mixed mode to complete the effect, so students can follow it.


Operation steps:

Step 1: First of all, we selected a popular magazine cover picture of Yiyang Qianxi. The old rule Ctrl+J copies the layer, pay attention to PSDesignIn the process, do not operate on the original drawing, because if the operation is wrong, you can only quit and start again, which is time-consuming and laborious.

Step 2: Select [Adjust] → [Threshold] in the image bar, and adjust the threshold color scale to an appropriate position,

Step 3: pull our prepared material map (a watercolor painting) into the interface

Step 4: Select Filter Color in the mixing options.

The effect is made. Does a watercolor version of the Yiyang Qianxi have a special flavor?

Is it very simple? The materials are also easy to find. The students also learn when looking for materials. They will feel more successful through the pictures they make all the time. Come and learn quickly. It will be more motivating to use the photos of themselves.