Using Photoshop to Turn Portrait Photos into Oil Painting Art Effect Pictures Tutorial

bookcourseMainly usedphotoshopTurning portrait photos into oil painting artistic effects, the effect theme is more prominent, and the color is also very layered. More importantly, the picture has a little oil painting effect, and it looks very beautiful. I hope you can like it.

In fact, this tutorial seems to have a pyrotechnic atmosphere, which always makes people feel very friendly. But students should believe that after the ps treatment, the effect will change greatly, the theme will be more prominent, and the color will also have a sense of hierarchy. More importantly, the picture has a little oil painting effect, which makes it look very beautiful. In addition to the pyrotechnic atmosphere before, it also has a strong artistic effect, I believe that students can make it better through the tutorial, and also can master some of it through the tutorialTintingTo make the photos more layered. Let’s learn together. I believe you will do better.

design sketch:

Comparison Chart:

Operation steps:

First find the one you want to makepicture, directly into the PS.

Then select the straw tool to suck the color in the picture, and fill it with ctrl+Delete

After filling, start to use the [Historical Art Brush Tool] in the toolbar to draw effects. Select [Tension Length] in the top style first