Using Photoshop to Compose Public Welfare Poster for Animal Protection

bookcourseMainly usedphotoshopDesignPublic welfare of animal protectionposterI hope you can enjoy the tutorial.

Final effect

1. First, drag all sea level materials into PS, just like dragging the floor.

2. Then use the hue saturation to adjust the sea level hue to the same value. You can see by your own eyes.

3. Wipe the bottom of the sea level with a mask. The mask is like covering your eyes and putting the new sea level onsynthesisUnder the sky.

4. Materials added to the deep seapicture, continue to adjustTintingBrightness contrast/curve/hue saturation can be used wherever possible. How to adjust it depends on the feeling.

5. P the colorful bus and the sign that you don’t know what it is. If you can’t, ask Du Niang. Maybe you’ll forget if you find it.

6. Put the garbage into the sea bottom, fold it into positive pieces, wipe the mask, and move it appropriately. Please always remember the mask, and wipe it if you don’t agree. In addition, drag the bubbling seabed in to reduce the transparency and blend the tone. Add an ocean ripple to the trashFilterYou can see things in the water fluctuate outside. If you don’t believe it, try it.

7. Drag the whale in, wipe the edge with garbage, wipe out the whale’s shape, and try to ensure the integrity of the garbage. This mainly requires patience. If you don’t have patience, please go to chant Buddha to improve yourself. It goes without saying that color mixing should be considered at every step.

8. The water drop P leaps out of the water and continues to color.

This step is more important than color mixing at each stage. You can color mixing at each stage roughly, but the overall color mixing must be careful.

Final effect: