Using Photoshop Filter to Turn Green Scenery Photos into Winter Snow Scenery Tutorial

There are manycourseUse snow or snowflakesBrush, but for large scenes, such brushes are not realistic and have no sense of hierarchy. So this article teaches students to adjust the color of the scene and make the snow scene without externalFilterAnd brushes. It mainly uses the noise and blur filters, hue, color scale and other functions of PS. The tutorial teaches students how to turn green landscape photos into real layered photos of snowy days. Let’s learn together.


Original picture:

Operation steps:

The built-in blur filter, noise filter and color scale used:

Now let’s talk about the detailed operation steps:

1. Drag the indoor scene map into the PS. Next, adjust the bright colors, such as green space, yellow flowers, and blue mountains. These are all expressions of vitality and freshness, which do not conform to the characteristics of winter. The color in winter should be quiet.

2. Adjust the yellow flower first, click the subscript of the layer bar (the fourth from the leftIcon), select hue/saturation, select yellow, adjust the saturation and lightness as shown in the figure below, until the yellow flower turns gray.

Then adjust the green space, select green, adjust the saturation and lightness, as shown in the following figure, and adjust it to some grayish green.

Finally, adjust the cyan and blue colors, as shown in the following figure. Adjust the mountain and edge colors to match the overall scene.