Use PS+LR to call up the tutorial of retro art effect outdoor portrait photos

This chaptercourseThe production is mainly based on the idea of retro, and the overall tone will be darker. Learn how to make it through the tutorial.

In fact, if you don’t look carefully, you can’t see a big difference, because the original picture has shown very well both in terms of light processing and the emotions of the characters, and you only need to do a little laterTinting, a great oneworksThat’s it, but I still want to talk about how to make it, and the idea of color mixing. The early idea is mainly to make it with the idea of retro, and the overall color will be darker. Learn how to make it through the tutorial.

design sketch:

Original picture:

Operation steps:

First of all, if you want to shoot a group of satisfactory works, as a novice, you need to refer to maturePhotographyExcellent works of teachers. Before I took this group of works, I read a lotpicture, made clear his shooting direction “sky, straw, retro” After confirming the shooting direction, we should think about what kind of place to shoot the works we want. First of all, a high platform is needed to shoot a clean scene of the sky and people, so as to avoid debris on the ground. Finally, I chose a high slope with straw. When I saw this scene, there was nothing special about it. But if you avoid the distant fields and trees to make the whole picture clean enough, your picture will become brilliant. When we determine the style and location, the rest is to determine the model’s clothing, props, and makeup. These three items are very important and ignored by many people. A good dress can better reflect the theme and highlight the expressiveness of the model. Props are particularly important in single person portraits. Your guests can’t do karate in the whole shooting process, so your work will be very monotonous. The importance of makeup can highlight the temperament of the model. In this shooting, makeup takes 2-3 hours, which is longer than the shooting time.

First, show the front and back contrast of | r color palette.

After entering Ir, perform some basic light and shadow processing

Adjust the general direction of the whole picture with three primary colors

Use hsI and Hues to adjust the color locally. In this work, mainly adjust the face orange and sky color

Use curve adjustment to restore the overall light and shadow, so Ir adjustment is over

After entering ps

Tools: liquefaction

Use this tool to fine tune the five features and face shape of a character

Tools: patch tools

This tool is used to repair defects in facial details

Tools: hyperbolaAbrade skin, this method can repair and reshape facial light and shadow

Finally, use noise to add a retro feel


Good works, the facial treatment of the characters is very textured, and the skin texture that can’t be rubbed can’t be seen, so let’s learn it through thinking.