Use PS to make a self portrait of a couple in the sunset with film effect

PS film effect productioncourse: Make a film effect for the self portrait of a couple in the sunset. design sketch:

Operation steps:

1. Open PS, import material photos, click [Create New Layer] below the layer panel, and create a new layer named “Film Effect”.

2. Select the rectangular box selection tool to draw a selection area. After the selection area is drawn, set the foreground color to black, and press [Alt+Delete] to fill in the foreground color. After filling in the foreground, press [Ctrl+D] to cancel the selection, select the rounded rectangle tool, draw a rectangle of appropriate size, and adjust the size of the rounded corner appropriately.

3. Because the manual operation is not accurate, the software is also used for alignment operation. Press and hold the [Ctrl] key and click the “Film Effect” layer to add a selection. After selecting the “Rounded Rectangle” and “Film Effect” layers, select [Move Tool] and set [Horizontal Center Alignment] on the option bar.