Use Photoshop to synthesize creative pictures of little boys touching dinosaur heads

ThiscourseMainly usedphotoshopsynthesisThe creativity of this tutorial is the most important for the little boy touching the dinosaur head in the room, and then he is looking for suitable materials to express his ideas with PS to complete the final effect picture.

Final effect

1. My child likes Tyrannosaurus Rex very much. Most of his toys are dinosaurs. He also likes watching movies about dinosaurs andanimationI often fantasize that I can go to the world of dinosaurs. The recent epidemic is very serious, and I can’t get out of the house. I also took a lot of daily photos. The daily life is very repetitive, so I don’t want to take photos. So I thought that children can make friends with dinosaurs. They are so big that they can’t fit them at home. So I used the window to let dinosaurs stick a head in from outside, so I can have this picture in my mind.

Because it is assumed that the child secretly keeps a pet, the timeline is set at night, after dark. Then the idea has been formed, and the next step is to take a live shot. For more PS tutorials, please go to

2. The photo is opened in ps, and then the father holding the lamp and the lamp wire are repaired. After all the seams are repaired, the material dinosaur is picked out with a pen tool and placed in the photo to adjust to the appropriate position.

3. At this time, we went to observe this picture. The child’s eyes did not look at the dinosaur. If not, there would be no emotional communication. This picture also has no sense of story. So we need to pick out the child’s whole body with a pen tool. Next, we need to adjust the child’s body so that his head can be slightly raised. Then we need to pick out the head separately to adjust and raise it, So you can look at each other.

After the eyes are adjusted, there is something wrong with the position of the hands. The child’s hands touch the dinosaur’s teeth, so the child’s hands should also be pulled out separately, raised, and let his hands touch the dinosaur’s nose. Every adjustment should be very meticulousMattingTry not to have any trace of adjustment. At this time, we see that the head and hand have been adjusted, so the background is missing. At this time, we need to use a scene picture without characters in the live shot to fill the gap.

After the head and hand positions are adjusted, the picture below will show the effect.

4. We are observing this picture. The child and the dinosaur have already looked at each other, but the dinosaur seems to be indoors instead of coming in through the window. How can we make the dinosaur come in through the window?

That is the curtain. At this time, we can use the curtain to create an effect of penetration. I took a picture of the curtain flying in the real shot before. At this time, we need to call out this picture and pull the curtain out into this picture separately. This is the effect of the picture below.

5. After the curtain is dragged in, the overall deformation should be adjusted to the appropriate position. Add a vector template to the layer of the curtain, and use a brush to wipe the curtain into a translucent effect.