Use Photoshop to make a transparent matte style icon design tutorial

bookcourseMainly usedphotoshopMake transparent frosted styleIconTutorial. Recently, frosted glass UI and icons are very popular. Today we will use PS to complete this effect.

design sketch

Tutorial Steps

Before production, we can observe the ground glass as a wholeworksCharacteristics of.

Step 01 Draw a draft

one point one Based on the above analysis results, I define this case as the mobile application icon. Start with a simple sketch.

Step 02 Draw a shape

two point one After the drawing is finished, use AI to start drawing figures.

two point two During drawing, you can also modify the shape immediately if you find something that can be optimized.

(1)Information icon

(2)Document icon

(3)Mail icon

(4)Weather icon

two point three After all the layers are drawn, you can put the drawings together and adjust the size and position to make the icon look more harmonious.

Step 03 Install the plug-in

three point one Download the plug-in script provided in this tutorial and unzip it. Then click File – Script – Other Scripts.