Use Photoshop to call up warm color art effect outdoor beauty portrait photos

bookcourseMainly usedphotoshopCall out the warm color artistic effect of the outdoor beauty portrait. The tutorial is mainly about adjusting some tools and changing the mixing mode to complete the effect picture. I hope you can like it.

This tutorial uses PS to create a fresh and tender summer photo for the portrait. In fact, the original effect is very good. We justBasicsIt’s better to do it on the Internet. If students like their own color, it’s not impossible, but after the later stageTintingIn the future, there will be a gentle feeling. Color mixing is also different from person to person. Everyone has different views on color mixing. Let’s learn more. In fact, the overall operation is to adjust some tools and change the mixing mode. In fact, it is almost enough. Learn more specifically. I believe you will make better.

design sketch:

source material:

Operation steps:

Step 1:

Open PS, and press Ctrl+O to put the background layer of the figure in; Then press Ctrl+J to copy the background layer, and you will get the “copy background layer” layer