Use Photoshop to call up the outdoor portrait picture with dark artistic effect

ThiscourseMainly usedphotoshopCall out the dark artistic effect of the outdoor portrait, and hope it can help everyone.

PortraitworksAdjust the tutorial to make the environment dark and cold, highlighting the character’s depressed and melancholy mood. In the early stage, I probably decided that the shooting theme was lazy, escape, and return to nature, so I found an empty grove to shoot. In order to form a big contrast with the natural environment, the model’s makeup is relatively thick, modelling soup rolls, casual. Set the style, shoot andTintingNow we have some ideas. Let’s study together. Students should practice.



Operation steps:

First, create a new layer and liquefy, fine tune the lower arm and neck, etc.

After liquefaction, I used neutral gray to adjust the bone direction of the model. Specific neutral gray operation, Baidu a lot.

Then add a layer of light smoke (add the layer of smoke, change the mode to filter color to filter out black and show only smoke).

Then create a new “optional color” to accentuate the leaf color (blue), and the skin color should also be accentuated. For more PS tutorials, please go to

Adjust skin color by adjusting red, yellow and magenta. The specific parameters are different in different photos.

As shown below:

Next, adjust the color of the sub leaves by using the green, cyan, and blue of the “optional colors” (emphasis, blue)

Then reduce the “black” in white, which can be understood as making white whiter. Because the clothes are white, reducing white can make the clothes cleaner and the highlights on the skin more obvious.

Then desaturate (if you want to add color, subtract color first, and then the color on it will be uniform and thick).

Reduce the overall saturation first, and then add color, so that the color to be added is more uniform, and the color not added is not eye-catching.

Then click the straw tool and click the dirty area on the model’s face. PS will automatically identify and display “Yellow 2” and then desaturate. The specific values are as follows:

None of the other items are moved. Then the overall color is biased towards blue by color balance. This is for the sake of clean skin, rich scenery and highlighting the theme.

Specific parameters are as follows:

Shadows, middle tones and highlights should be adjusted, then the visible layer should be overprinted and the right side should be filled with white to pave the way for the theme “Emptying”.

The last step is very important! Only in this way can we have a fantastic feeling.

Curve adjustment: black field: pull upward, highlight downward, middle adjustment downward, dark redpassageway: Highlight reduction (=highlight plus green), dark part is raised (=dark part plus red), so as to create color contrast between highlights and dark parts.

Green channel: there is no blue channel: the highlight is pulled up (=the highlight is added with blue, and the skin color is clean), and the dark part is pressed down (=the dark part is added with yellow, which has a dream effect). For more PS tutorials, please go to

This is basically the case in the later period. It is also important to use reflectors to fill the light for the characters in the early stage. Because the weather is very dark. This will save a lot of work in the later period.

Let’s study it according to the idea of the tutorial. Sometimes an ordinary photo, afterMap revisionYes, tooDesignI feel it.