Use Photoshop to call up the golden skin effect, outdoor portrait photo tinting tutorial

ThiscourseMainly usedphotoshopO Call out the golden skin effect of the outdoor portrait. The color is somewhat similar to the mature wheat color. I hope you can like it

First look at the comparison of the renderings

1. Analyzing the original picture, the original picture is very beautiful, but it can be seen that the characters are not three-dimensional enough and the skin texture is not strong. That’s the word texture. Let’s try to find the wheat texture skin today.

2. First, strengthen the contrast, create new curves, adjust the curves, brighten the bright parts, and darken the dark parts. Focus on your own photos. Don’t record parameters blindly. Observe and adjust at the same time.

3. Adjust skin color. The skin color is mainly red and yellow. Creates a new optional color adjustment layer. Adjust the red color, add green to the red color, and add red and yellow at the same time. Remember to check the absolute value below.

4. Switch to yellow, and add cyan, magenta, and yellow to the yellow, so that the bronze tone can be adjusted.

5. Switch the color to white, reduce cyan, magenta and yellow in whitepictureIt will be more three-dimensional.

6. Next, describe the details. Create a new color balance, add red in the middle and green in the shadow. Add red and yellow highlights to make your skin ruddy.

7. Enhance contrast, create a new hue saturation to minimize saturation, and then change its mixing mode to soft light. If you feel that something has gone wrong, erase it with a mask.

8. In this way, the details can be adjusted slightly at the end of the process.