Tutorial on quick degreasing of portrait facial photos by Photoshop

This teaching mainly usesphotoshopQuickly degrease facial photos of portraits,courseBy using“passageway”The panel removes the oil light from the face of the person. By comparing the image effect of each channel in the channel panel, the oil light part of the face of the person is removed. I hope you can like it.

design sketch:

source material:

Operation steps:

Step 1:

Open PS, and press Ctrl+O to add the background layer of the person who needs to make the effect of removing grease; Then press Ctrl+J to copy the background layer, and you will get the “copy background layer” layer

Step 2:

Click to enter the “Channel” panel, and click to observe the red, green and blue channels respectively [find one with large black and white contrast] (such as the blue channel); Right click the “Blue” channel and select the “Copy Channel” function to get the “Blue Copy” channel; Then close the small eyes of other channels and only open the small eyes of the “blue copy” channel