Tutorial of drawing water drops and making a crystal clear water drop in PS filter

Teach students to useFilterSpecial effectsWith the layer style function, you can create a little dew effect, which is also relatively simple and suitable for students who just come into contact with PS. The filter drawing is relatively easy. Students can follow the steps to make the wholecourseWell done, let’s learn together. We can improve our PS technology through specific operations. We should remember the operation steps when we practice, and know how to do it when we need to make it again.


Original picture:

Operation steps:

Step 1: Open the original image, create a new layer, select the elliptical selection tool, and press Shift to draw a circle

Step 2: Select the gradient tool, black and white gradient, radial, and then pull out the following effects

Step 3: deselect the area, Ctrl+J copy a layer, get a copy of layer 1, and change the blending mode to “soft light”

Step 4: Close the small eyes of the copy, select layer 1, hold down the ctrl key, click the thumbnail of the layer, load the selected area, and fill it with black



Step 7: Ctrl+D cancel the selection, open the small eyes of the copy, and see the effect

Step 8: Next, create a highlight effect, create a new blank layer, place it at the top, select the Ellipse Selection Tool, and magnify the canvas with a magnifying glass. The shortcut key is ctrl+plus, or press Z, click the canvas, drag it to the right when the magnifying glass appears, and then draw a selection area, as shown in the following figure

Step 9: Select the gradient tool to make the gradient from white to transparent, radial, and the pulling effect is as follows

Step 10: Ctrl+D cancel the selection, reduce the canvas, and see the effect


When making, you can adjust the highlight layer according to the desired effect, and you can adjust the opacity appropriately. This tutorial ends here. Is it very simple? Let’s learn through teaching. I believe you can make better.