Tips for Using Photoshop Free Transform Tool

ThiscourseThis article introduces the use skills of free deformation, and removes the disadvantages of the previous layer explosion after transformation. Only copy the same layer according to the rules, and the effect is exactly the same!

  1.关于自由变换,大家都制作:编辑 > 自由变换,也可以用Ctrl + T,如果我们要制作的是有大到小的变换并复制,那么用这个快捷键:Alt + Shift + Ctrl + T 这个键大家常用,但也有一定的小技巧。

2. If you use this figure to do this: select gradient fill, add a shadow, copy the layer, press Ctrl+T to zoom out properly and move the center point to the outside, rotate a certain angle, and then press Alt+Shift+Ctrl+wildly after confirmation. You will find many more layers in the layer. This will result in a proliferation of files. Is there any way to achieve the goal without dramatically increasing the file size.

3. The method is to obtain the selected area from the finished drawing and copy the layer. Do not remove the selection, execute Ctrl+T, and move the center point outward after zooming out. We find that the layer is not added, and only one layer is transformed and copied.