Three dimensional art characters, Photoshop making three-dimensional style cheese art characters effect tutorial

bookcourseMainly usedphotoshopThe detailed production process of the three-dimensional cheese art characters tutorial can be referred tovideoThis text effect is often seen in the seaside. Let’s finish it with PS at the following time. I hope you can enjoy it

Today, I bring you the lovely cheese character effect. Like other PS character effects, you can create more interesting effects by first processing the shape of characters in AI, and then adding layer styles to PS.

design sketch

For details, see the video tutorial:Click to view the video tutorial

Step 01 BasicsGlyph

Enter text in AI and adjust the font style slightly.

Step 02 Adjust the thickness

Copy and move the text. Repeat several times to increase the thickness of the text.

Step 03 Add effect

Add bevel relief effect to the top text, and adjust the color for the back text.