Texture skin color, PS color matching, making dark gold texture skin color portrait photo tutorial

ThiscourseBriefly introduce the golden complexionColor palettemethod. The gold color mixing part can be realized simply by using the pure color superposition and some color mixing tools, but the texture part needs to be made very carefully, and the light sense of the highlight part needs to be well controlled.

Original drawing

Final effect

1. Open the original material and copy the background layer.

2. Use the imitation stamp tool to remove the large acne on the face.

3. Use NoisewareFilterNoise reduction processing enhances the texture of the face. If you don’t have this filter, you can download it online.

4. Add an excellent adjustment layer. The color setting is shown in the figure below. After confirmation, change the layer blending mode to “color”.

5. Add a color scale adjustment layer, and the parameter settings are as shown below.