Tear effect, PS design and make color to black and white tear effect posters

You want to make a tear effect in PSposter, mainly using materials and ChengheMattingFunction, how to make it? Now let’s take a look at the detailscourse


Operation steps:

1. Start firstphotoshop, open a character materialpicture

2. Copy a layer, execute the image – adjust – decolorize command, and decolorize it.

3. Drag another torn material in, use the magic wand tool to select the middle black part, select the background layer, and then copy.

4. Then press and hold the ctrl key and click Layer 3 to load the selection area. Then select Layer 2 and press the delete key to delete it.

5. Execute ctrl+d to deselect the area, and drag layer 3 to the top.

6. Select the quick selection tool to select the periphery of layer 2, press the delete key to delete, and then save the picture.