Sunset effect, PS will bring out the animation sunset effect from the previous ordinary photos

  courseThe local adjustment tool is mainly used to locally adjust two different exposure areas of the screen. We will first find out the details of the dark part to increase the clarity of the picture. As the overall color of the screen is warm, magenta and purple are the main colors. Therefore, the main color of the screen will make the sky color magenta. choicephotoshopFilter– Adjust the camera raw filter. If you want to learn the specific process, you can learn it through the tutorial.


Original picture:

Hello, everyone. I’m Xiaoman

Today is the first phase of the “waste film rescue” program (the original picture is from the student: Mr. Benxiao)

Today brings you a sunsetTintingTutorial, teach you to bring out the pink sunset effect from an evening photo.

Let’s take a look at the case diagram of Xiaoman’s color mixing:

Is the cloud in the whole picture a little anime

Look at the original picture:

We all know that when we take such sunset photos, we often encounter such situations as the original picture (large light ratio). The details of the sunset above are clear, but the houses and other subjects below are black.

How to solve the problem of large light ratio?

Method 1: Take two photos, one is the normal exposure of the sky, one is the normal exposure of the building, and the last two photossynthesis。 (In this case, it is usually used for mobile phone shooting)

Method 2: Select a camera to shoot, select RAW format, and try to expose the sky normally, so that the building is underexposed, so that the dark details can be recovered later. (Under exposure of photos can pull back the details, but over exposure will be difficult to retrieve!)

It is difficult to make a choice when shooting. In this case, we only need to keep one main detail. For example, the sunset of the original picture is normally exposed, but the house below is not exposed. Later, we can adjust the dark part separately. (Premise: your shooting equipment has enough tolerance, and the dark details can be recovered later)

In today’s tutorial, we will introduce the local adjustment tool, which can adjust two different exposure areas of the screen locally.

Color mixing ideas in the later stage

Black white grey relation: